Friday, April 30, 2010

The Vacuum of Liberalism

Is all in their heads...

Its funny how fast I can get in trouble and get called names, especially if I'm trying. ;-)

By the way, this political blather is here because it directly involves truckers.

As most know I'm pretty active on Twitter, have a lot of friends there and almost as many enemies. I make no efforts to gain ether, they just show up. I have a rule though, I will rarely tolerate a liberal and will NOT tolerate a troll. I just block them and move on. My numbers on twitter are true and honest, I've never used a follow program to inflate my numbers. I really pay little attention to them. If everyone dropped me today I would just tweet to the spammers. (Few of my numbers are spammers, I block them too)

That said, we move on to the issue at hand. Illegal Immigration and the new laws in Arizona. I'm a firm supporter of the new law just because SOMETHING had to be done. We AZ taxpayers are out BILLIONS of dollars paid out to support an illegal population. Schools take a major hit and AZ schools are NOT the top of the heap to begin with. Law enforcement is taxed to the limit and health care is out of control. County and State programs are tapped out and they keep coming.

Enter the trolls;
I talk to a lot of drivers on Twitter, but they make up a small percentage of my "group". There was one, a woman driving husband wife team for Swift transport out Phoenix. Always pretty quiet, asking a few solid professional questions of older drivers and a few firearms related questions of me, (CCW mostly) though I'm no expert on the laws. Recently I noted that she had found a group to play with, all liberals, all trolls. Most of these people I had blocked at some point over the last year or so. Since the passing and signing of the immigration laws her tweets and retweets turned hateful and spiteful, all focused on the "injustice" of a legal move by the state of AZ. She doesn't live in AZ, its not her problem, but others want her involvement.

Then the boycott bullshit started showing up. She was pushing a list of AZ companies to boycott and insisted she was dedicated to the boycott. I decided to block her but being in a nasty mood yesterday I decided on some fun first and a little "point making". Remember who I said she worked for? Swift, based and founded in Phoenix AZ. The most logical question was?

Have you quit your job yet?

The answer is of course, "NO, why should I?" Because if you are committed to this childish boycott idea, you MUST. Otherwise you're just one more hypocrite on the left. Hours of screwing with her produced the same kind answer to the same question. One of her answers, that I suspect was "fed" to her at some point, I'm certain, was right out of Alinski's "Rules for Radicals" To her credit it took her until after midnight last night to call me a name. Being called a name was the first thing I had on my list of goals. I assure you her friends STARTED by calling me a name or ten. Some of the worst trash in trucks came to her aide, but as they are all blocked, I can't see it and I'm not interested enough to go look, but I could tell she was being prompted, at least some.

By the way, that list of companies to boycott that she was pushing? Swift isn't on it. She claimed she would not spend a dime of money in AZ or on a product from AZ, all without have an idea of what she was saying. Example: TRW is an AZ company... Does your car have air bags? Boycott that... Not a clue... However my point was clear, The money she sends into AZ, far out weighs the money Swift gives her in her weekly Easter basket. She didn't get it. No commitment to her own "cause". Hypocrite

This evening, another driver from NC, that I don't even know, (we don't follow each other) ask her the same question. He was immediately attacked by the Twittering Twucker Twat and some little half man calling himself Dr. Dodo or redo or something. (TTT is a socialist that wants a handout that will get her OUT of a truck and out of an honest job, wants to speak for truckers, and be famous, all with 2 years experience in a 3rd rate training company. Dodo is just an idiot that does anything she tells him to.)

The answer? The same, she wont boycott her own company. It wouldn't be convenient I suppose. It showed her commitment to her "cause", and as I determined, it shows she's just one more liberal hypocrite.

I blocked her when I got tired of her. That was my intention from the start as I told a couple of people I ask to watch the fun.

If you have a "cause", even one as stupid and impossible as a boycott of AZ, at least be grown up enough to follow it though.

Half Measures by Half Ass politicians are what got us here to begin with.

Was I an asshole and a bully for treating her like that?
Yeah, I admit it, I was, and I'm fucking proud of it. She wants to run with the big dogs but she never will because she can't loose her wing men.

Big Dogs are solo artists.

Liberalism is a disease that needs to be stomped on where ever you find it. You really don't have to justify THAT.

What you have just read is an opinion, mine. You don't have to like it and there are some that I hope HATES it.



Missa Reopelle said...

Ha.. your opinion has no fact dear Terry... but as you can see your precious law got fixed and my boycott is over. I told you I emailed my company CEO and Owner asking for support by pressuring AZ gov. I told you I had alot of respect for you until you decided that I was your pet project. It seem that if someone has opposing ideas to you, they are automatically childish and have no mind of you own. And that dear Terry is where you are wrong, because I have my own mind and I have my own ideas and just because you and your minions of idiots don't agree doesn't make you right.

BTW.. that half man is my husband who was upset when trucker rick resorted to nasty name calling. Runs with RWNJ that is the norm..

So now that you are trying to run with the big dogs, you only smell as one because your pissing like a pup.

dave said...

Terrence, sir, that was funny. I admire your points, and your sense of humor Doesn't phase me in the least. Sorry, know you wanted to get a rise, but I found it funny. Later,
Dave Reopelle aka @DrRedu

dave said...

BTW I only started following Desiree, because of your idea. YOu made such a fuss over her in our last conversation, I had to go check out why. I didn't really even know who she was until you brought her into this, so um, thanks for that Terry. Later....
Dave Reopelle aka DrRedu

dave said...

Hey Terry, who reads this shit anyways??? Just askin??? Later...

Missa Reopelle said...

OH, dear Terry, dogs are pack animals, just thought you should know.

Terry Smelser said...

LMAO, I had Comment Moderation fucked up. Whiny liberal pissbags are not allowed to post or comment here. BUT, as I had the comment moderation fucked up, I guess these 5 comments stay. Unless I find my buffer full of more of their crap, then I'll remove these. They wont post more.

People broke fingernails to make sure the subject of this story saw this. Never mattered to me in the least. Another person mentioned in the post "Dr.Dodo" Is her husband. They thought I didn't know that. (Same last name... husband or brother, I'm sure it doesn't matter at their house)

She Comes Back once, HE comes back twice. Both to leave opinions and lies no one is interested in.

He claims he never heard of the person referred to as TTT and in fact only NOW started to follow her. LIE
During a discussion of a stupid little piece of now dead legislation called "Jason's Law", he inserted attack after attack on myself and other that are opposed to it, taking obvious cues from the Twat. I certainly didn't invite him to the discussion and he was not following me. That left only TTT. She has several little whipping boys that try to distract people when she blathers on about how much she wants to be famous.

His attack continued much like his attack of the other driver mentioned in this posting. Focused on ME and not the facts of the bill. I blocked him as did several other drivers that found him uninteresting and nasty.

Point: The law WAS "slightly" changed to make the racists stop whining.

Terry Smelser said...

Changes:Changes to the bill language will actually remove the word "solely" from the sentence, "The attorney general or county attorney shall not investigate complaints that are based solely on race, color or national origin."

Another change replaces the phrase "lawful contact" with "lawful stop, detention or arrest" to apparently clarify that officers don't need to question a victim or witness about their legal status.

This from a post HERE:

The changes do not prevent an officer using his better judgment to make a stop. These changes only highlight what I myself and most everyone else accepted as the way this law would be enforced.
Jose is STILL going the fuck HOME, meaning he can't vote for the next liberal piece of shit that shows up.

Her Lie: She was concerned with the "rights" of American citizens being HARRASSED by law enforcement. I didn't believe her then, I don't believe her now. A liberal agenda is a liberal agenda. The people she talks to on twitter are the worst of the bunch. One or two are paid trolls.

A boycott of American citizens designed to harm Americans, placing illegals and criminals over law abiding citizens and tax payers is still in place. She can't be involved without being a Hypocrite because she wont boycott her own company.

Terry Smelser said...

The good part:

As stated "Missa", I don't believe your intentions are for the GOOD of a single American anywhere. Not then, Not now. I don't believe "YOU" mean well, and are in fact trying to intentionally harm people that don't "think" as you do. NO, I don't have to believe that and am un-bothered by that fact. I too have my own mind and my own agenda. I state my opinion regaurdless of who it hurts. You came into my sites because of a couple of retweets you made attacking Sarah Palin.
NO, I'm not a supporter of Sarah and don't see that happening anytime soon.

Your attack on the people of Arizona was unwarranted, unfair and uncalled for. You support drug cartels and traffickers of human beings over the tax paying citizen of a state that had finally had enough. One of those citizens signs your paycheck. (But I'm sure he treated your email with all the respect it deserved.) Any interest I had in you as a driver or as a human, ended with your attack. You hadn't earned my respect, I don't just hand that out.

As you said, "You can sleep with that". Anyone that can sleep well after supporting the things you're boycott would support is no friend of mine and no one like me could give a fat rats ass for your "respect".

Your sorry excuse for "ending the boycott", is unacceptable. The changes to the laws hardly removed your objection.


Reference: Big Dogs.
I never ever refer to the ANIMAL known as the Dog. I despise the creatures, finding them only slightly most useful than I do a liberal. (if you're REALLY hungry, you can EAT a dog, I say "really hungry" because I don't think they taste very good)

The Big Dogs are a group of drivers, this is before your time and considering who you work for, you've never met one personally. We're bad tempered, opinionated, foul, unfriendly and just don't care. We ran the lower side at high speeds back in the days of 55 mph in TX. It was a game and most of us never got caught at it. My best time from Phoenix to Dallas is 13.5 hours. Get your calculator out. No, you can't run with them now, they're GONE.

I used a reference that you didn't understand, you thought I was talking about filthy animals.

Dr Dodo or Redo or Poopoo or Doover or what ever:
You're a lier. And an idiot to think you can get away with this one. You were fully involved in attacks on ANYONE that disagrees with the Cunt of Covenant during the heyday of whiny little Jason's Law advocates. Glad that shit is dead, aren't you?

Oh and to answer the question, Who reads this shit?
You did, dick head.


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