Saturday, May 1, 2010

Strawberries suck

I Mean it, they really do. Just try hauling them.

Ok I know some of you have, that only means you know what I'm talking about.

These things are one of the most fragile things you can put on a truck, the temp has to be maintained at a PERFECT setting, around 35 degrees constant. The unit better be a new one or damn close and ONLY air ride trailers can be used. (the trailer I'm under right now is NEW, brand NEW) The longer they are in the truck, the better the chance you have of loosing them or having them rejected by your customer. I've determined by a VERY scientific method (Chicken bones and Tarot Cards) that you have about a 50/50 chance with any load of berries that it will be rejected.

I protested this load the second I inspected the first couple of pallets. I protested it to the shipper and my company. The problem? The berries were PERFECT. I mean get the whipping cream and some short cakes PERFECT. You don't want perfect berries at the shipper, you want slightly green berries, the longer the trip the greener the berry. For long trips you want berries "bagged and gassed" (Each pallet encased in a large baggie and filled with an inert gas, like argon) I still wont give you better than 50/50 of getting the entire load off without a problem.

WalMart determined that of 2870 cases, (22960 1 Pint boxes), 2750 of them were at a decay level of 1%... Can someone tell me how the HELL you determine a 1% decay level?? I've been around produce most of my life, citrus and other products were part of the family business for years. I've hauled produce for at least half of my trucking career of 21 (and counting, slowly...) years. When I'm not pulling over sized loads, I move produce and temp control loads. I know this job. I've seen USDA inspectors tear through a whole load of produce and I have never been told "these have a 1% decay level".


Sigh... anyway, stuck with 2750 Cases (25 pallets) of berries for the moment, have a new destination but no appointment or unload data.

Hope I don't have to eat these things... well, no more than a pint or so...


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