Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chrome won't get you home.

The Tractor? Mid 2K W900L, lots of Chrome and Lights.
The Trailer? Beautiful Stainless Side, Spread Axle 50 Footer.

The Tires? Massive Super Singles... Bald as hell.

The Tractor and Trailer are MAXED, I mean MAXED. Chrome, all Aluminum polished to where it looks like chrome, the Stainless trailer is spotless.

The Aluminum bottom rail is even polished.

There are at least 100 lights, all LED on this rig.

My point?

There is no money spared on the way this rig "looks", ie... there is no money spared on salving this drivers EGO.

Blow that picture up and look at that tire. Its bald, not only bald, it's illegal by DOT standards and it was the best of the 4 trailer tires.

The tires on the Tractor were still legal, but "just".

THIS is one of the major safety issues I see in the industry.

I have nothing against the fancy, the d0-dads, the "SHINE". but when it takes a front seat to safe, your ass should be parked as a dangerous driver.

CSA2010 will remove these drivers from the road. Those 4 tires alone will get that guy 36 out of a possible 100 points.

You can be sure there are issues that are not as "visible" as these tires are and I noticed them just walking by.

I hate and distrust almost everything I've read about CSA2010. But there will be some good come from it.

We'll get rid of the unsafe driver.

The truck can be fixed, violations corrected, new tires purchased instead of chrome, lights and other shiny shit.

There's not a lot that can be done with drivers and owners with this attitude.

Except parking them.



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