Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today, I hate truckers...

It's not an everyday thing and most of the time its specific companies that I hate, for specific reasons.

Today is a shitty day to start with, on a shitty run, to a shitty place. WalMart.

I hate to deliver to a WalMart distro more than just about anyplace in America. The reasons are just to numerous to list.

Ever notice that there are a couple of companies that seem to hire ONLY those drivers that are completely full of them selves? You pull into a truck stop to fuel and have to wait behind one of them while they take a shower, eat their dinner or just generally fuck off? Sometimes these people are parked in a place that is NOT a parking area, in fact sometimes it is an out right danger to people for them to be there? But there they sit, as close to the doors of the truck stop as they can get.

Why? They believe themselves to be important, in a hurry or they are just to lazy and useless to walk more than they have to.

There are two companies that instantly come to mind for most of us: Covenant and US Express.

Today I pulled into the WalMart DC (#6057) in Robert LA to deliver a load of spuds. If you deliver Walmart, you know how they are set up. Produce is amost always closest to the CTO. I was given door 307, about 7 doors down.

This is what was waiting.

US Express, parked right across the produce doors. There was a line of inbound reefers behind me too. He is inside somewhere, more than likely in the drivers lounge as he was NOT in the CTO. My door was slightly to the right, meaning I could just miss his dumb ass and back in. (He had to back up to move away from me, that's how close it was)

I was amused to notice THIS:

A trainer... supposedly the "best" they have... I believe it and I believe this is where the rest of these "drivers "learn" their habits.

Just so we are CLEAR, I'm sending a link to this post to US Express's HR people...


So you don't mistake this for a fluke or a one time event...

He left and went to the other end of the yard to find a trailer, then he came back to get his paperwork or take one more shot at impressing the females in the CTO.

Wanna guess where he parked? With guys "trying" to back into these doors? The trailer visible just over his hood is mine. (We are forced to drop these trailers at Walmart as they OPENLY do not trust us.)

After he came back out of the building, he and a buddy stood there by his tractor, with people waiting, and "talked" for more than 10 minutes. Standing three feet apart, they yelled at each other.

Typical of this company's drivers.

Hope to see you on your roof on I12, asshole.


Post Script: As i tried to leave this DC, at the gate I was verbally attacked by an "in house" driver for Walmart, (Swift) I was not in the right exit lane. Instead of asking, he just started screaming. Oddly, invited to get his fat ass out of his truck, only made him scream louder. I blocked his exit from the gate for as long as I could, just to hear him scream. Yes, I'm an asshole, but "I" freely admit it, you don't have to like it.
(Added 12 hours later)


Walter Hade said...

You are not the first truck driver I've heard refer to himself as an asshole. I know a driver who actually created and dedicated a whole web-site to the subject. I am pretty sure you'll enjoy this site:

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