Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Website Coming - The American Trucker

NO, this will NOT be some kind of Memorial to the "trucker spirit".

In fact it will pretty much be just the opposite.

Ever see the website "peopleofwalmart"? This is the same idea only its about truckers and truck stops, the industry as a whole. (hole?)

I have played a mental game with myself for years as I sit in a truck stop or even at a shipper, "people watching".

OK, I'm not much of a people watcher, I drive a truck because I prefer to NOT be around people.

I digress...

Here's the mental game: Its really simple. Someone walks in to the cafe, drivers room, what ever. YOU decide if you would want that person, (based on appearance) to drive one of your trucks (saying you owned a fleet) and would want that person to present himself to YOUR customers.

Well, we are going to take pictures of some of them, because some are so funny, it hurts.

Sent them to us also, well post them, with all credit due, (or not).

We will include the ragged ass whores that slither around truck stops and rest areas as well as some of the wrecks we run into. The wrecks caused by the stupid gene.

Just getting started, still working on the back end some, but enjoy it anyway.


Follow us on twitter as @theamericantrkr

Email your pictures to trucker (at) theamericantrucker dot (com)



Anonymous said...

HA HA HA!!! So down with this!!! Going to be taking another road trip next month....will be on look out for photo ops!! Look forward to seeing how this website divulges!!!

Shannon said...

This gives me incentive to get out of the house & go hang out at the truckstop. LOL

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