Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chicken Pulp and Dispatchers

This is Bar S, Clinton OK.

Not a bad place to unload all in all, friendly folk and lots of room. Can't ask for a lot more than that.

The story of what it took to get there is a different one, not quite so nice. In fact it put me into a stress overload that left me almost unable to speak. (Silence is the sign that I'm about as dangerous as I can get)

This trip paid 721 miles plus a deadhead from Robert LA. I sat for almost 3 days waiting for this load to come about in Hazelhurst MS. Scheduled for a 6PM, I showed up early (as usual) and got it on and was GONE by 4PM. It made me wonder if I could have got it 3 days early.

Dispatchers, even those that "used" to drive a truck, have NO business telling anyone how to drive their runs. They certainly have no business telling a 21 year driver that "IF" they had gone beyond their limits, they would have got the delivery done on time. I determine my limits, not someone that sleeps in a house or apartment every night. I'm out of bed every morning, (EVERY MORNING) by 5 AM. I'm done driving by midnight.

Truth of the matter is very simple, the load never had the hours written into it to be on time. I called the receiver and made the proper arrangements. Customer service HATES that here, you are "going over their heads.." (tough shit, amateurs)

I'll be taking this issue to the safety people, but I expect little satisfaction.

The up side? I pretty much only need to make a phone call, to switch jobs, even in this climate. I'm looking at my options, as of NOW.


Chicken Pulp? That's what I was hauling, 20 bins of "pulp" that is used to make cold cuts, hot dogs, etc. I almost sat overnight with this LATE load, because they didn't need it.


Anonymous said...

You know what?! Our worlds are different and yet the same in some ways...I so understand all the BS that comes from outside sources controlling your life, career, etc....
FUCK THEM....sometimes there is NO OTHER way....but in general something ALWAYS need to change!!!
Mother Fucker
Keep on Trucking and I respect you! work long & hard and it's not easy!!

SassyD said...

This one of the many reasons that truckers don't like dispatchers. They don't think like truckers! Let's see...120 miles on MapQuest at 60MPH...okay, load should take you 2 hours to get done. WRONG!! I know that over simplifies it, but that is the general idea I have on how they determine how long it should take for a load to arrive or a driver to be able to turn and burn. Oh! and let's not forget the times the permits aren't updated on oversize loads, or paperwork in the company truck doesn't match the stickers, or that permits aren't issued BEFORE the load goes out -- nah, the drivers can just sit in a hotel room or their sleepers for a couple days and relax...oh yeah, who can relax when money doesn't come in as wheels don't roll??

Keep the wheels turning, come home soon, and fight the good fight, my friend.

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